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Leadership At The Church Of The Good Shepherd 

Pastors Vernon & Becky Bray

Pastor Vernon and Becky Bray joined the ministry at the Church of The Good Shepherd in August 2006. Pastor Vernon is currently the Senior Pastor with a Doctorate degree in Theology and over 40 years of pastoral ministry, whose desire is to do the will of God. Pastor Becky is an associate pastor with an associates degree in theology and serves with her husband and other leaders in the church to develop implement and be responsible for programs to carry out the mission of the ministry of the church. They are born again, spirit-filled, with the love of God, their Heavenly Father; their blessed Savior, Jesus Christ; acknowledging the Holy Spirit as their helper. Their love for adults and children of all walks of life have led them to plant and pastor churches in West Virginia and Virginia.  They are legally authorized as ordained ministers of the gospel to lead a congregation in prayer, to preach the word of God, to baptize, to officiate at the Lord's supper, and at marriages and funerals, also to pray with the sick and afflicted, and to perform any other functions, which, by common law and custom is counted worthy and appropriate to one in the Christian ministry. They enjoy spending time with their four adult children, their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Family gatherings are joyful with fun, food, and laughter. They also enjoy those special times with church family and friends, talking and sharing.


Pastor Jeff Barbour

Pastor Jeff has been with the Church of the Good Shepherd since its beginning in 1991. He was ordained in April 2001. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor and is the President of the Board of Directors. He serves the Board of Directors, executive, and finance committee plus serves on all church related committees. Pastor Jeff is a man who loves God, God’s people and His Word. He enjoys spending time at the beach with his family, relaxing and learning whatever he can to share with others. He enjoys preaching and teaching the Word of God with power, conviction and simplicity at every opportunity that avails without compromise.  Pastor Jeff states he loves the young and elderly and the unchurched people groups; the young, because they have so much to gain; the elderly, because they have so much to share; the unchurched because their eternal destiny is at hand. Finally, Pastor, Jeff is blessed with a wonderful wife, Kim; daughter, Shannon; son-in-law, Sean, and his energetic grandsons, Porter, Landon, and Keaton, and his loving dog, Sparky.

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